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Membership to the KVSA is simple and straight forward.

Our cost is $20 dollars a year per person and this gives you membership to the outdoor range on hwy 2 as well as a voice in our meetings. You can buy your membership in a few different ways. First, at Far North sporting goods store in Bonners Ferry , contacting us online, at our meetings, and lastly at the gun show in February

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and we can help!

Our shooting range is a PRIVATE range for members only. It is a safe place for members to shoot with  constant camera surveillance. The rules are simple. Members only, clean up the brass and targets you use, and safety is paramount! Anyone using the range and not following the rules will be banned from all future use and membership.

Range hours 

April 1st-September 30th  8am-7pm

October 1st- March 30th 8am-30 minutes after sundown.

Members are encouraged to contact the Boundary County Sheriffs department if they see anything unsafe or illegal!

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